Somatic Experience SE

Trauma definitions

“Trauma – an overwhelming experience of the past – is not in a specific event, but in the nervous system of the person affected.”

“It is like an inner straitjacket that freezes a person inside and freezes an experienced moment in their memory.”

“It suppresses the unfolding of life. It interrupts the connection to ourselves, to other people, to nature and to our spiritual source.”

Dr. Peter A. Levine



Traumahealing somatic experience (SE) according to Peter Levine

What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experience (SE) is a method developed by Peter Levine and is about feeling the body more again. I have been very touched by it since I first came into contact with it and had deeply moving experiences myself. I thought I was completely here, in my body, and felt very good. After a few sessions, my inner sense of how I perceive my body and my environment changed dramatically. I felt freer inside and more flexible in my actions, my body was physically more relaxed, my breathing deeper and my facial expression softer. Since then, I have been listening to my body much more attentively.

What motivated me to learn this method was that I could share the experiences I had myself. I am touched by getting to know and read our nervous system better and being able to have deep healing experiences as a result. The experience of being here more and feeling the body. To be grounded.

Peter Levine assumes that overwhelming events from the past are stored in our nervous system and can be released if there is awareness, if there is trust and space. This allows the energy that was previously blocked to start moving again.

During a session, I will guide you with words while you feel, sense and connect with your body and mind. I gently guide you more and more towards yourself and your perception of your body in this moment. In this way, blocked energies in the nervous system can be released.

I have had wonderful experiences with teenagers and young adults of how “bad memories” that they experienced in elementary school and from which habitual patterns developed have been released through working with SE. I sense a valuable potential to accompany pupils and young people with SE.
Are you curious or do you feel a resonance? Then I invite you to get in touch with me.

Has a supportive effect

for physical complaints such as

– regulation of the nervous system e.g. sleep problems, tiredness or stress

– to strengthen the immune system, e.g. sinusitis, infections, allergies

– for headaches, migraines, tinnitus

– to support rehabilitation after accidents, operations or illnesses

– to strengthen and harmonize the musculoskeletal system, trauma

– for physical and psychological support in cases of exhaustion, depression, etc.

– for challenges in everyday life / stress / exhaustion

– Mental issues, recurring situations that block you

– Finding resources in stressful situations

The positive effects of this method can include deeper sleep, inner balance, increased ability to concentrate and more vitality.

Preventive / Treat yourself to deep relaxation, a different kind of massage to calm down and be with yourself

The immune system is strengthened and vital functions stabilize. After a treatment, we usually feel more relaxed, energized and alive.