It is a great pleasure and honor for me to accompany children on their journey.

I started 15 years ago in holistic developmental support in special schools. During this time, I discovered experiential education, which touched me deeply and I integrated it into my work.

How can I accompany children even better?

I was interested in breaking habits and patterns in order to better perceive what the child was showing. This was essential for me to truly develop more understanding for these radiant children’s souls.

In Klagenfurt I found a place and people who researched exactly this and supported us “adult humans” in understanding the natural learning processes in us again in order to be able to accompany the children.

After my stays and experiences in India and my yoga training, I taught yoga in schools and outside.

For me, this is a holistic experience for personal development and intrinsic learning.

Cranio and SE open up a space with more understanding to accompany and support children and babies on their path of potential development.