Children's yoga

Children's yoga

1 Saturday per month

in Hörli, 9042 Speicher

9.30-10.30 Kids 1: 6-8 yrs.

10.30-11.30 Kids 2: 9-12 yrs.


Dates for 2024 coming…

Cost: 20.- per hour

Possible schedule of a kids yoga class

Each class is designed to be creative and varied within a basic structure.

Kids 1 more playful, awareness games and movement games with asanas and pranayama

Kids 2 more focus on asana and pranayama and deep relaxation to support the natural development of the body systems, balancing the nervous system, flexibility, mobility, concentration & relaxation

  • Welcome round
  • Dynamic game
  • Yoga asanas – often practiced as animal poses
  • Adapted breathing exercises for children
  • Perception games with all the senses
  • Yoga Nidra for children
  • Massage story
  • Meditation